Alexander Grashow is a recognized authority on leadership development, business evolution and personal development. He is a renowned facilitator, speaker, and advisor to leaders around the world, with a broad reach into the global business, philanthropic, entrepreneurial and creative communities.

He has been a confidential advisor to Presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition.

For the last two decades, Alexander has created programs that are uplifting, challenging and highly interactive, focused on the principle that the capacity to adapt and evolve is increasingly vital to each of us. He has shown repeatedly that these capacities can be internalized quickly and deployed effectively to create great new value, well being and contribution.

In 2015 Alexander founded GOODWOLF as the next evolution in leadership, business and personal development practice. Dedicated to spreading two needed capacities in the world. First, the skilled leadership that is required to upgrade the limited and broken systems around us. And second, the personal capacity to align our individual core self; history, talents, values, and passions into a coherent model for decision-making and active engagement. 

Alexander works at the forefront of harnessing private capital to help solve global problems and also serves as an advisor to a number of leading impact investing firms. As an Entrepreneur in Residence at Armonia LLC and Advisor in Residence at Encourage Capital he provides strategic and team development as well as implementation advice with their clients.

Alexander is dedicated to supporting business as a force for good. He worked with prominent business leaders such as Richard Branson, Jochen Zeitz, Paul Polman, and Mohamed Yunus, to facilitate the dialogue to create the pioneering “business elders” initiative for more sustainable business. Alexander continues to be an advisor to this group, The B team.

Believing that we are responsible for creating and manifesting the future we desire; Alexander has dedicated significant time and attention to building social entrepreneurship programs.  He created the leadership curriculum at Acumen and Coro Leadership Development which has trained over 600 Fellows and over 60,000 people online.

Alexander has worked closely with large scale philanthropists, decisions makers and Fortune 100 CEOs to help scale and focus their Philanthropy.  Annually, he leads the Leveraging your Influence for Good Program, in partnership with Virgin Unite on Necker Island.  Alexander has been named a NorthStar in Virgin’s Global Constellation of collaborative communities of  entrepreneurial ideas to change the world.

He redesigned and served as the lead moderator, for the Clinton Global Initiative. More recently, his work with InterAction had him convening the CEOs of the 50 largest international non-profits in confidential retreat to discuss the further evolution of their organizations in response to the challenges of the 21st Century.

With a deep commitment to share what works, Alexander co-authored Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing the World, from Harvard Business School Press.  He was also co-author of the Harvard Business Review article entitled “Leadership in a Permanent Crisis.”  For the last decade, Alexander has taught executive programs at Harvard, NYU, Duke, and LSE.

For a decade, Alexander helped build and was the CEO of Cambridge Leadership Associates, a consulting, training and diagnostic firm delivering the Adaptive Leadership Framework. During his tenure CLA grew to offices and programming in 5 continents, developed the next generation of master practitioners and worked at the centre of some of the most dynamic societal and business adaptations.  

As Chair of Britdoc Inc., Alexander helps supports great filmmakers in their work by brokering advantageous partnerships, building innovative business models, developing new global audiences, and sharing knowledge. Britdoc is shifting the narrative on how we understand critical issues. Storytelling through the medium and lens of film and documentary brings our attention to where we need to change and adapt in society. Britdoc is famously known for producing the Academy Award winning CitizenFour, Virunga, Bully, and the upcoming Whose Streets movies.

He also co-founded and is the Board Chair of the US Africa Children’s Fellowship which helps contribute to the potential of children by providing educational tools and resources for communities.  The program has supported over 270 Schools in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Ghana.

Alexander’s performs his work with a mix of logic, creativity, truth and grace. This comes from his study of economics and fine arts and having insatiable curiosity.  He lives in Brooklyn NY with his children, is a practicing artist and continually finds great happiness in new and live music.