Leadership is about helping people do more for what they care most about.  In practice, leadership is about moving our limited and broken systems from a reinforced status quo to a better existence.  

Leadership is hard, important work that requires craft, relentlessness and pacing. The first act of leadership is diagnostic and centered around two questions: What is the work? Whose work is it? From here, we can design and allocate time, talent and resources in focused strategic ways.

We help both individuals and teams develop the ability to diagnose and then disrupt their current norms at the correct pace, with the smart strategy and capacity to execute.

Effective leadership answers and delivers on the following questions - 

  1. How much of our history and current ways of working do we take into the future?
  2. How do we negotiate and decide amongst competing commitments and interests?
  3. How do we move others from their norms and behaviors and normalize new ways of working and living?

 Life Alignment is the deliberate practice of mapping and building a coherent model across the many aspects of your life.

Life Alignment can be a momentary recalibration or a complete lifestyle change. At the root of the work, the question examined here is - how can your talents, gifts and passions meet yours and the world’s needs?

In a disciplined and creative process, participants discover their own truth and criteria for decisions and activities in their life. Three distinct territories are explored and integrated: 

  1. Past (experience), Present (reality), and Future (dreams and ambitions)
  2. Multiple Capacities (Intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social and contextual)
  3. Life Domains (Work, community, family, friendship, intimate relationships)