FEVALi (Fully Engaged Values Aligned Living) provides the usable practical everyday framework and tools to manifest a more fruitful and healthy existence. Our FEVALi programs assemble a community with shared intentions who are committed to explore and grow into our best selves and better lead their institutions.

We offer a wide range of FEVALi Programs; one time introductory workshops, seasonal cohorts, one and two day intensive workshops, to corporate trainings and one-to-one advice in-house. The mission remains the same- help participants discover that their values are can be aligned with their ambitions and activities.

FEVALi is focused on people who want to make wonderful important choices and build mastery in living a life aligned with their deepest commitments. 

From working alongside some of the most exciting and leading institutions in the world, patterns have emerged. What has become obvious is that both individuals and companies are looking for how they can be more fully engaged in their lives. For businesses, the need to fully engage their employees, customers, partners, share holders and their supply chains is more important then ever. For individuals, the desire to live a fuller life of engaged emotion, spirit, intellect, physicality and align themselves in work, community and intimate relationships appears to be a growing consciousness.
— Alexander Grashow