What We Do

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The Life plan
The Most comprehensive fast track transition program

The Good Wolf Life Plan is a one-on-one, guided process of self-discovery and personal alignment. Participants:

·    Clarify and affirm who they are and their path forward
·    Learn how to expend their energy on what they care about most
·    Gain a confidential, trusted advisor

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Specific and Customized programs for teams, companies and Individuals

We recognize there is an urgent need for widespread and targeted leadership capacity. We have spent the last 20 years practicing and learning from the best.  We have distilled those hard won lessons into several workshops.  Each will challenge and enrich you while providing you with a pragmatic understanding of how to create a future of greater contribution.


Speaking and Facilitation
Keynotes, conferences and retreats

Good Wolf Founder Alexander Grashow has delivered keynote speeches, moderated and designed conferences and facilitated countless activities for a wide-range of organizations, including TED, Facebook, Google, IBM, the Clinton Global Initiative, Citigroup and the the White House.  He shares his experience of working on the front lines with some of the world’s greatest leaders and change-makers to show that people don’t have to settle for the status quo. These sessions are not about listening to someone talk -- they are fully immersive experiences in which participants identify actionable strategies to initiate change in their own lives.

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Who We Are

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About Us

We, the Unfinished

There is work to do. We realize our world is full of broken systems and unhealthy dependencies. We need committed and bolstered people, teams and communities to stand up, stand together and create something better.

Good Wolf Group can help. We believe we are all unfinished, and that personal and communal evolution is not just possible, but vital. We are dedicated to bringing our solutions to people who want to contribute more to the world.

As a leadership and life alignment consultancy, we provide individuals and organizations with transformational strategic advisory services, personal development and capacity-building workshops. In other words, we help people figure out what to do with their passions, talents and resources, how to stay accountable to that work and how to have greater impact. We have been honored to partner with presidents, activists, business leaders, innovative companies and change agents over the last 20 years, guiding them towards greater efficacy.

Our lives gain meaning by mobilizing people to give more to the world.

Join us.

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A member of the community goes to an elder:
“I am trying to find my way, but I am struggling with the path and within myself.”

The elder explains, “Inside each of us, there are two wolves which fight all the time. One of them is the good wolf which represents love, peace, hope, kindness, bravery and compassion.
The other is the bad wolf, which represents greed, anger, arrogance, resentment and fear.
And these two wolves fight all the time.” 

The member of the community reflects and asks,
“If these two fight all the time, then which one wins?

The elder shares, “whichever one you feed.”


The team

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Alexander Grashow
Founder, CEO

A recognized authority on leadership development, personal development and business evolution, Zander has made it his mission to know how to transform the way we live and work. He is a renowned facilitator, speaker and advisor to leaders around the world, with a broad reach into the global business, philanthropic, entrepreneurial and creative communities. Consequently, he has been a confidential advisor to presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition. With a deep commitment to share what works, Zander co-authored “Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing the World,” from Harvard Business School Press, and “Leadership in Permanent Crisis,” of the Harvard Business Review. For the last decade, Zander has taught executive programs at Harvard, NYU, Duke and LSE. Zander feeds the good wolf by spending time with his incredible children, putting new music on repeat, hosting his famed dinner parties with half loved ones and half strangers and nurturing his endless curiosity.  

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didier michel sylvain

Didier approaches everything as a creative opportunity, thriving at the nexus of imaginative thinking and pragmatic disciplines. He designs and guides transformational experiences for the growth of companies, individuals, nonprofits and communities. His method brings people together from diverse cultural backgrounds to develop structured forums for advancing individual and collective missions. This was honed through delivering results with world-renowned consulting and social impact institutions including Deloitte Consulting, Spotify, Echoing Green, the Bertha Foundation, Zoo Labs and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. As a native of New York and the child of Haitian immigrants, Didier’s process involves a unique combination of experiential learning, sound, spirit and pragmatism to activate innovative leadership in every room. Didier holds a B.A. in Economics from Boston College and a M.S. in Public Policy and Management, with a concentration in social entrepreneurship, from Carnegie Mellon University. He was selected for the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs and is currently completing his Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at Columbia University. Didier continues to explore ways to apply his academic, professional and creative background to his work with others. Didier feeds the good wolf with drum therapy, qi gong and intuitive drawing, and is always on a mission to nurture the artist within.  

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Elizabeth Velez
Operations Manager

Elizabeth has 20 years of experience working to build the internal capacities of small businesses. Her work has focused on restructuring financially stagnant small businesses, helping them turn a profit and be more diligently engaged in the strategic and tactical facets of their business. Her greatest accomplishment has been moving small businesses from “cigar box back offices” to systems of effective management that capitalize on the strengths of the entrepreneur. Most recently, she brought those skills to the nonprofit back office, building and implementing systems to increase capacity--including accounting, grants management, compliance and human resources--ensuring they support mission-driven work. Elizabeth graduated from American University with a B.A. in Communications, Law, Economics and Government. While attending the University of Connecticut for graduate school, she met her husband and they now live in Brooklyn with their 10 year old son. She feeds the good wolf by sending time with family and friends, walking daily in the park and striking up conversation with strangers.


Elle bisgaard-Church
head of Partnerships

Elle is a passionate and inventive problem-solver, motivated by deep connection to her fellows. She is invigorated by working with a variety of people and institutions, and has found particular fulfillment in doing so as an ally and advocate. Elle has been an award-winning investigative reporter for the broadcast War News Radio, adult literacy program director in north Philadelphia, assistant to a reentry program for women who have been incarcerated and Fellow Investigator for the Public Defender Service for D.C. Elle also holds a domestic violence counseling certification. Most recently, Elle completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, where she learned to decipher a city by examining a variety of sectors, institutions and power-holdings -- all while tackling questions related to equity, justice and leadership with a diverse group of 11 peers. A graduate of Swarthmore College, Elle feeds the good wolf by constantly reading five books at once, devouring vegetables, running during lunch breaks and jumping in lakes. She is excited to use her passions, skills and experiences to help Good Wolf's clients articulate their visions and fulfill their aspirations for change.

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Rachel caughey
Executive assistant

Rachel has dedicated her career to helping leaders drive positive social change. As Senior Program Coordinator for the leadership development firm Center for Creative Leadership, Rachel managed the Leadership at the Peak program designed exclusively for the C-Suite community. She supported hundreds of global executives on their leadership journeys to align intention and impact.  Rachel later worked for Karrikins Group, a global management consulting firm founded at the intersection of business strategy and social impact. Rachel supported the Founder and leadership team as an Executive Assistant and eventually as Chief of Staff. At Karrikins Group, she realized her passion for building thought leadership brands and partnered with thought leaders to develop their speaking platforms. She helped design content, branded collateral and executed marketing strategies across distribution channels. In both her personal and professional life, Rachel believes in holistic health and wellness. Feeding the good wolf, she is a practitioner of yoga and meditation, alternative healing practices and plant-based nutrition. She is an audible and podcast junkie who enjoys connecting the intellectual with the mystical. She also experiments with astrology and tarot -- believing they are tools for the cosmos in finding our universal truths. 

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kurt nelson peloquin - thrive poet

THRIVE POET has spent his life building access points and stories for us all to THRIVE.  From the boardroom to the classroom to the living room, THRIVE POET knows everyone is an artist who can get closer to their art, find their voice, and give their gifts to the causes and communities they care about. As an Impact Producer, THRIVE has helped organizations including Microsoft, Human Rights Watch, UPS, the US Olympic Team and many more tell their stories through films and shared experiences. As a Performance Poet, he has entertained and inspired audiences at countless public and private events including Rockwood Music Hall The Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Inspired Word, Queens Lit Fest, BK Voices, Justbeings: Stories for Humanity, and Oz Arts: Nashville. As a Teaching Artist, THRIVE has designed and hosted empowerment workshops with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harlem and Breaking Walls, where he is currently leading a class of high school students on a 36-week poetic adventure to unlock their THRIVE. As Good Wolf Group’s Artist-In-Residence, Thrive will help us and our partners rekindle our relationships with awe, imagination, play and creativity, so that we may give more freely of our gifts and learn how to work together to build a more beautiful, just and loving world. As a friend, husband, brother and son, THRIVE feeds the good wolf through daily exercises in awe, gratitude and kindness, singing and dancing with his amazing wife Katie, meditation, volunteering, dance parties, podcasts, afternoon naps and long unplanned road trips.  


trust us. they did.

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