We are honored to work with the extraordinary team of BritDoc that produces GoodPitch (Alexander is on the Board). BritDoc started to pair every filmmaker and producer with a new role called an "Impact Producer".  These extraordinary individuals build movements of unlikely coalitions, focus the action to critical changes in policies and social norms, create the right amount of heat and know how to hold and pace the work to bring people along with them. 21st campaigns are different animals than previous advocacy work. The tools of modern society, current politics and power players, and the currency of social and public media require a deft touch and a mix of art and science. We want many more of these people. We want them to know each other and support each other over a lifetime of work. We want Impact Producers to be a new professional identity the best and brightest strive for.  We need them now. 

We support Impact Producers through bringing the world’s best practitioners to train them in the key attributes of Impact Producing through Leadership and Personal Development core focus areas are:

  • Social Change Design
  • 21st Century Campaign & Movement Building,
  • Execution
  • Leadership & Personal Development 

Impact Producers is focused on people who care deeply about an issue, will not stand for the status quo and are committed to a relentless disciplined approach to disruptive change.