Life is just a series of choices.  Where we are today is due, in large part, to the choices we have made. If we are unhappy with where our life currently stands, we need to make better choices. We all face the constant choice to stay in status quo or evolve. Sometimes life throws up choices and challenges we cannot escape and compels us to change.  

We may never be able to fully control the consequences of all our choices, yet we can fall in love with them and not fear making both tough and extraordinary decisions.

Mastering Life Choices is both about elevating decision making capacity and the person behind those choices. It is more than just practice. There are 4 key building blocks to create aligned and efficient decisions.

Masterful Decision Making Building Blocks

My Calling & Assignment – Identifying the gap between today and a more compelling future. What am I called towards and what is my unique work (assignment) to reach there


My Alignment – Integrating the various and unique parts; talents, gifts, experiences and passions into a coherent personable model


My Criteria & Standards – Creating and using personal benchmarks for a variety of active decisions.


My Strategy and Plan - Mapping clear steps and activities for what success looks like. A choice is not complete without an execution plan.


Participants leave equipped with a new tested set of criteria to make better selections. 

Mastering Life Choices Workshops are available in various formats:

  • Taster (1/2 day) – An introduction to the building blocks of effective decision making.        

  • Exploration (1 day) – Deep dive into 2-3 aspects of decision making and refine your personal capacity in each.          

  • Retreat (5 days) – Build your own decision making model and put it to use against pertinent life choices in front of you.