Didier Michel Sylvain

Didier Sylvain approaches everything as a creative opportunity. Everything.

He designs and guides transformational
experiences for the growth of companies,
communities, and people. Didier thrives at the
nexus of creative thinking and pragmatic
disciplines. This was honed while working in the
leading institutions in consulting and social
entrepreneurship. He has delivered results at the
forefront of impact with the world’s best at Deloitte
Consulting, the philanthropic organization Echoing Green, the creativity incubator Zoo Labs, the Institute of International Education, and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. In addition to his passion to working with people, Didier is an artist as well, with over 15 years in composition and music production.

As a native of New York and the child of Haitian immigrants, Didier's process involves a unique combination of experiential learning, sound, spirit, and pragmatism to activate creative leadership in every room. His approach brings people together from diverse cultural backgrounds to create structured, creative forums for advancing individual and collective missions.

Didier holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Boston College and a Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management, with a concentration in social entrepreneurship, from Carnegie Mellon University. He was selected for the Coro Fellowship Program in Public Affairs.

Always interested in how to enter and build cultures of vitality, support, and endurance, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Ethnomusicology at Columbia University. An avid collector of process, he gathers creative ways to activate the talent of individuals to drive social impact. Didier believes every person would benefit from music as medicine and Didier continues to explore ways to merge his academic, professional and creative background and experience to incorporate and apply it in his work with others.

Didier Sylvain

Shalini Mehan

Shalini has spent over a decade utilizing her deep emotional intelligence, openness and inner wisdom to help others find meaning, connect and forge their life path. She supports individuals to understand and deploy their voice to help meet personal and professional goals. For those without a voice she has helped create safe spaces to nurture talents and seed change. For those ready to assert their voice, she produces high impact programs, forges partnerships and amplification strategies. She makes everyone feel they have been seen, heard and listened to.

Shalini's talent and skill-set has been cultivated across some of the most innovative and important efforts. From supporting “game changing” business-models in the sharing economy, including AirBnB, to navigating the United Nations to working with a values-based eco preserve in East Africa, Shalini has been diligent in finding what works in every context.

She has a life-long passion for advancing equality and rights
by working on pro bono projects as well as places deep value in
working with young people to help realise their potential.
In Scotland she designed and mentored on an uplift program that
empowered students from the 40 lowest performing schools.
Many teenagers were able to see for the first time an application
to further education was an achievable reality. High school grades
and conversion rates from these schools dramatically
increased as a result of the initiative.

Shalini moved to New York City in 2013 from Scotland.
She passionately believes in the power of giving and in building
purpose-driven communities. She brings the perspective of law
and business, graduating with a BA/LLB in Law (concentration
on Human Rights) from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.
She is a woman of the world and has spent a great amount of time across five continents.
She is fluent in both Hindi and Punjabi and continues on
a worldwide search for the perfect cup of afternoon tea!