We are outgrowing the systems around us. Our education, political, environmental, financial and health systems are insufficient for the challenges we currently face or the wellbeing we seek. Individuals, communities and organizations are hungry for new ways to live and work and are unhappy with the status quo.
We are the unfinished – we are all in the midst of growing into ourselves; our life’s work, our talents, relationships and the impact & role we wish to play in society.
The capacity to evolve is increasingly important to all of us. These capacities can be learned, internalized and acted upon quickly. Mastering these skills requires disciplined attention, practicing the craft, active guidance and feedback.
We believe what we need is available to us. It is found internally, from the shared wisdom of others, tapping the collective intelligence of groups or in nature’s example and metaphor.
Self-discovered truths are the seeds of wellbeing; freeing us from unhealthy dependency patterns, limiting behaviors and provides the foundation for healthy connections.
When we evolve, many discover that there are multiple forms of wealth beyond financial and consumerist norms. We can actively select what kind of wealth we wish to build our life around.