There is an urgent need for widespread and targeted leadership capacity. Let’s get behind it. We have spent the last 20 years practicing and learning from the best.  We have distilled those hard won lessons into the workshops below.  Each will challenge and enrich you whilst providing you with a pragmatic understanding of how much more is possible. 

Adaptive Leadership

A two-day workshop that goes beyond the theory to provide a practical set of activities that will help you both assess and address the toughest challenges that lie ahead. It offers a comprehensive and systematic approach to mobilize others; steering teams, organizations, communities and networks in a complex and rapidly changing world. Filled with stories and examples from business and public life, with practical tools and doable tactics, we will help you to make progress on the leadership challenges you face right now.

Leadership in a Permanent Crisis

Leadership in a Permanent Crisis provides participants the strategy & stamina to do leadership work over long periods of time.  When the challenges are daunting and unending, we need a specific set of disciplines, skills, strategies to both deliver change and hold ourselves up throughout the process. 

This workshop does not create martyrs who exhaust and destroy themselves for the cause. This program does create benevolent problem-solvers who fight every day battles with the resourcefulness and reservoirs required.

Art & Practice of Mobilizing groups (with competing interests)

We are all in this together. Despite the fact that we have competing groups, interests and priorities, we can’t continue to stay in our silos. The capacity to work across and bridge these factions is obviously critical to our future. Luckily there are skills, tools, and collaborative muscles that can both be built and practiced. Time for the collaboration gym.

This workshop focuses on how to diagnose critical commonalities & differences, develop engagement strategies and activities and mobilize others actively.  It is an eye opening experience into empathy, strategy, courageous conversations & partnerships. 

 Risk, Vulnerability and Self Protection

To get to the riches that lie outside of our comfort zone, we all have to undergo some risk, vulnerability and fear. Successful entrepreneurs, anyone who survived junior high school and those who have fallen in love know this to be true. Yet over a lifetime, we can get stuck in that comfort zone.  Self-limiting habits of self protection that prevent us from taking risk and feeling vulnerable can keep us from what we are meant to grow into or achieve.

This workshop upgrades our beliefs and habits around risk, vulnerability and self protection. As a result, we can engage in a world of possibilities rather than reenacting the past. 

 Accessing your Full Power

Fully Fit. And Bringing it.  All of it. Heart, Spirit, Body, Mind, Relationships all brought forward for what we care most about.  Too often, we engage from the mind and leave the rest of us behind.  To face the challenges of our lives, traumas of today and tomorrow, we have the opportunity to bring our best self forward. Fully engaged. Fully Fit and ready to deploy. 

This works provides participants with a real-time assessment of where they are today.  It then, provides tools to catalysts to bring the rest of you along.  Most importantly, it provides a set of practices to bring our combined intelligences to our lives and work.  Bring it. Its “Brung”.

Meaning"full" wealth 

There are multiple forms of capital beyond money and material.  These various forms of capital (social, intellectual, creative, physical) when combined together can create immediate and sustained wealth.

In this workshop, participants identify the different forms of capital available to them, take stock of resources to draw from and build a plan for wealth creation across the various domains of their life. 

Finding your Purpose & Answering the Call

Mark Twain famously said - “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” In a crazy, wonderful and complicated world, it is becoming more and more important to know what we are here for. For some, this is an existential question of meaning. For others, it is a very pragmatic question of what should I spend my energy and focus on today.

In this workshop, we get out of the abstraction and help each individual find their own answers. We answer the question - what is the Assignment in front of me that I am here to complete? We use the language of Assignment because it helps locate the work to be done, the pragmatic outcomes to be achieved, and what talents will be required to achieve it. When individuals deliver on their Assignment they create enormous health, wealth and vitality for themselves and others. And then they are able to begin their next Assignment. Participants leave with both an understanding of their current assignment and the tools to find their next one. 

We know that leadership is a dialogic act – a conversation between what is within us and what is possible with others. 

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