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deep dive individual programs

Three unique, one-on-one programs to evolve your life – personally, professionally and in particular moments of transition and change. 


Evolve your life now.

Our deep dive individual programs are personal model-making, based on a specific, proven methodology. Each program helps an individual align their core talents, values and passions with their hopes and ambitions.


  We take your data,

  To identify your patterns,

  To develop your decision criteria,

  To make your informed choices,

  To cultivate your aligned life.


Three Programs

Personal Life Plan – Evolve Yourself

A comprehensive self discovery & application process to discover how to curate your life

Leadership Accelerator – Evolve Your Work

Find your leadership voice, capacity & fortitude to mobilize and drive change

Fast Track Transition – Graduate to Your Next Chapter

Determine & affirm your next steps, carrying forward the right lessons,
habits & strategies for success


Each process spans six months of guidance and integration, beginning with a private two-day retreat. Overall, participants are supported on a tailored personal journey that fosters greater health and value in their lives, and equips them to give more to others.

Deliverables include:

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Most people are accidental tourists in their Lives. 

Rather than just respond to what life throws at them, Good Wolf participants actively cultivate their lives to be full of meaning, focus, joy and contribution.

We help you shift from cobbling to curating.



What participants had to say:

For the first time in a long time I gained the belief that I have the tangible tools to realize a fuller, more aligned, joyous life than I thought possible. Good Wolf Faculty are masterful, supportive guides and thought partners who helps you understand the strands and patterns of your life.
— Helene Gayle, CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, Former CEO of McKinsey Institute, Board Member of Coca Cola, Rockefeller Foundation, Brookings Institute, FSG, White House Fellows, Colgate
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I now feel as if I have been given the ability to truly unfold my life purpose with greater clarity than I ever have before. If only all could be so lucky – especially those who feel called to step beyond their perceived limits into their capacity, and even perhaps into their destiny.
— Stephen Badger, Chairman, Mars Corporation
Making time for two days seems impossible or indulgent, but you will find just the opposite and gain more than years on your life as your inner compass, de-railers and talents powerfully emerge and take their rightful place in all parts of your life…My advice (and I have done it all), instead of spending years of therapy, executive coaching, retreats, workshops, help from well-meaning friends and colleagues, dedicate full attention to the transformation process. You won’t regret it!
— Maria Eitel, President & CEO, Nike Foundation, Founder & Chairwoman, Girl Effect
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