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Who We Are

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About Us

We, the Unfinished

There is work to do. We realize our world is full of broken systems and unhealthy dependencies. We need committed and bolstered people, teams and communities to stand up, stand together and create something better.

Good Wolf Group can help. We believe we are all unfinished, and that personal and communal evolution is not just possible, but vital. We are dedicated to bringing our solutions to people who want to contribute more to the world.

As a leadership and life alignment consultancy, we provide individuals and organizations with transformational strategic advisory services, personal development and capacity-building workshops. In other words, we help people figure out what to do with their passions, talents and resources, how to stay accountable to that work and how to have greater impact. We have been honored to partner with presidents, activists, business leaders, innovative companies and change agents over the last 20 years, guiding them towards greater efficacy.

Our lives gain meaning by mobilizing people to give more to the world.

Join us.

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A member of the community goes to an elder:
“I am trying to find my way, but I am struggling with the path and within myself.”

The elder explains, “Inside each of us, there are two wolves which fight all the time. One of them is the good wolf which represents love, peace, hope, kindness, bravery and compassion.
The other is the bad wolf, which represents greed, anger, arrogance, resentment and fear.
And these two wolves fight all the time.” 

The member of the community reflects and asks,
“If these two fight all the time, then which one wins?

The elder shares, “whichever one you feed.”