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Specific and Customized for Teams, Companies and Individuals

We recognize there is an urgent need for widespread and targeted leadership capacity. We have spent the last 20 years practicing and learning from the best; our workshops are built on these hard-won lessons. Each will challenge and enrich you while providing you with a pragmatic understanding of what else is possible, and how to get there.


Adaptive leadership

The capacity to adapt and evolve is critical for our teams, businesses, families and communities. Internalize the methods from the co-author of Adaptive Leadership to determine which parts of your history to carry forward, how to advance among competing priorities and what new capabilities to grow into. Deliberately evolve off the status quo to do more for what you care about most.


  • Internalize an adaptive change framework, including actionable tools and practices
  • Develop upgraded diagnostic and interpretive skills for understanding your work ahead and new points of leverage
  • Learn what actors you need to mobilize and how to prioritize
  • Clarity of future action through direct application of workshop frameworks on your current challenges 

The practice of Adaptive Leadership focuses on providing you with three critical capacities to help you become a more flexible and effective leader:

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Mobilize change

Regardless of ideology or affiliation, most people today seem to agree that the systems around us are limited or broken. The capacity to improve them is less common. The art and practice of mobilizing systems requires both skilled diagnosis and strategic action. Changing organizations, teams, cultures, systems and societies requires heavy lifting. Through a combination of disciplines, skills and strategies you will clarify how to deliver change and uphold yourself in the process.


  • Create a specific map of stakeholders across your issue area to identify a mobilization strategy including priorities and sequencing
  • Design a tactical, overarching plan with short-, middle- and long-term points of focus
  • Internalize an organization- and community-change framework to identify the important and necessary work – and how not to waste energy climbing the wrong wall


We are all works in progress. Let’s grow into the next best version of ourselves so we can contribute more. It is time to critically examine how we engage the world and curate our evolution. Rather than fragmenting ourselves and leaving some parts behind, we can build stability and strength for what is to come.


  • Build comprehension of the unique tools and resources at your disposal
  • Identify and develop a plan for building complementary and dormant skillset “muscles”
  • Gain clarity on where to place your attention and resources
  • Affirm your passions and talents and re-energize with an understanding of all that is possible for you


In the course of our work across organizations and teams, we have recognized some key “acupuncture” ideas that release significant impact:

massive peer support

Graduate from a norm of figuring it all out on your own. We are all surrounded by collective wisdom, complementary experiences and catalytic inspiration. Through working in small peer groups guided by a very specific peer consulting methodology, you will get outside of your internal dialogue, gain clarity on the issues you face and access the gifts of collective wisdom.


  • Learn a specific methodology for diagnosing and solving problems that can be used routinely in your organization – and in the other realms of your life
  • Get assertive, pragmatic help and wisdom on your current challenges
  • Build team, organizational and communal norms of peer support and problem-solving
  • Build the necessary habit of asking for and receiving support for yourself

Meaning"full" wealth

There are multiple forms of capital beyond money and material. These other forms of capital—social, intellectual, creative, physical, spiritual, and others— when combined can create immediate and sustained value. Identify the different forms of capital available to you, build a plan for wealth-creation across the various domains of your life and do more for what you care about most.


  • Develop an understanding of value-creation and capital
  • Conduct a capital audit attuned to the multiple forms of resources available to you
  • Examination of the goals that merit use of your capital
  • Develop a wealth-creation and expenditure plan tailored to your specific objectives

Taming the Self Critic

Self-criticism can be a forceful driver and also the thief of happiness. All too often internal judgments are out of control and create an internal bully. To break free from the firm grip of this voice, learn to both tame the self-critic, fortify yourself and take in useful information for growth and inquiry.


  • Discover the origin of your self-critic and how it continues to be cultivated by your behaviors and habits
  • Learn how to separate the productive parts of judgmental observation from the destructive elements
  • Develop simple and routine behaviors and practices to tame and limit the self-critic so you can operate with greater confidence and efficacy

progress & protection

We all learn to get through life by building self-protection mechanisms. These serve us well in many moments, however in order to proceed courageously into the future we need to assess—and upgrade—our methods for keeping safe. Honor your forms of self-protection, actively partner with them and discern which to change in moving forward with your life, relationships and ambitions. As a result, engage in a world of possibilities rather than just reenacting the past.


  • Uncover, diagnose and honor your self-protection mechanisms
  • Learn how to free yourself from self-limiting behaviors, habits and relationships
  • Master a methodology for upgrading these behaviors so you can succeed in what is most important to you

Delivery model

We understand that time is precious and people are hungry for progress. To help people deliver on their promises to their organizations, communities and stakeholders, we offer a deliberate four-step process to greater contribution. We never do stand along workshops but through multiple phases of activities and interactions work towards meaningful consequence All parts are designed with the guiding view that collective action is necessary and desired:

Case-in-Point Methodology

All of our work is designed to maximize integrity and minimize fragmentation. Following this idea, we create our programs with a methodology that reflects our content. Our case-in-point methodology means that we only work with what is real. The curriculum is never role-playing or external case studies. We use what is in front of and within us. There is no hiding or letting people remain in their heads.

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Customized Workshops

We would love to build a custom workshop or retreat for your organization. Contact us to learn more about partnering!

Contact us to learn about bringing our faculty to your team, organization or next conference. We are happy to answer any questions about how our workshops will leave participants with both an upgraded capacity and a bolstered commitment to create a better future.

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