our approach

After 20+ years of working with some of the world’s most extraordinary companies and leaders, we have witnessed many factors that inhibit impact: unhealthy dependencies, authority bottlenecks and fragmentation.

From this pattern recognition and many hard-learned lessons, Good Wolf Group was formed to bring our solutions
to those who want to give more to the world, filling the gap between ambition and delivery.
Our solutions draw upon our Adaptive Leadership and Alignment approaches:

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Our leadership development methodology is rooted in founder Zander’s expertise in Adaptive Leadership. As co-author of “Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing the World” and previous CEO of Cambridge Leadership Associates, Zander has spent over 20+ years working with individuals and organizations to implement the modern practice of Adaptive Leadership, seeing incredible outcomes with countless individuals and organizations.

The tools and frameworks of Adaptive Leadership enable participants to surface multiple interpretations, identify and clarify the work in front of them (distinguishing the technical from the adaptive) and discern which parts of their previous work to leave behind or to bring forward. As such, it meets people where they are and helps them find what’s ahead. We believe leadership is a behavior and can be practiced by anyone anywhere; our Adaptive Leadership approach affirms this. The framework also equips people to diagnose systems and political landscapes for more effective mobilization strategies and interventions—driving positive change in their communities and causes.


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Most successful individuals learn to operate with perpetual fragmentation; galvanized by this tendency, all of our services actively engage and foster holistic growth. We support coherence and integration—or alignment—across every major domain of a person, organization or team. When our passions, talents, values and resources are clarified, affirmed and activated in unity, we go on to our greatest impact.



We are constantly focused on the question of how methodology reflects content and the latest developments in adult learning methods.


Our discipline involves immediate and repetitive application of ideas and case-in-point group work.

Direct Application

In all of Good Wolf Group’s workshops and facilitations, we incorporate direct application. Participants do not learn tools and frameworks in a vacuum; rather they immediately apply the concepts on their current challenges. This way, the lessons become relevant, practical and meaningful. At minimum, participants leave with new understanding and strategies to immediately tackle what is in front of them.

Case-in-Point Methodology

Our programs are responsive to participant needs. A core component of our work is a “case-in-point” group dynamics methodology. We use the dynamics of the participant group to illustrate the areas for progress and the learning goals of the particular workshop (i.e. the micro reflects the macro—what is happening in the room is the case-in-point.) This demonstrates the lessons effectively, safely and unavoidably. Individuals’ defaults or biases are surfaced during the process—essential awareness for personal change work.