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Speaking and Facilitation

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Alexander Grashow knows how to make the hard work of change easier. For the past two decades, he has been inspiring audiences to take new action in their work and lives. He has delivered keynote speeches, moderated and designed conferences and facilitated countless activities for a wide-range of organizations, including TED, Facebook, Google, IBM, the Clinton Global Initiative, Citigroup and the White House.  

Zander shares his experience of working on the front lines with some of the world’s greatest leaders and change-makers to show that people don’t have to settle for the status quo. These sessions are not about listening to someone talk -- they are fully immersive experiences in which participants identify actionable strategies to initiate change in their own lives.

Adaptive Leadership - Methods for Moving off the Status Quo

Our environments are constantly changing. No one believes the rate of change will slow. Yet, how we respond--how quickly, how effectively--is in our control. There is an art and science to adapting ourselves and leading others through these inflection points. Adaptive Leadership--the art and practice of moving people off the status quo--has been on the frontier of leadership development and societal change for over two decades. In this invigorating and pragmatic session, Alexander Grashow will share frameworks and practices for evolving your leadership model and moving beyond what exists today.

Finding your Purpose & Answering the Call

Our work usually falls into one of three categories: we are working hard for something we believe in, wandering in search of something or fulfilling someone else’s dream. Get out of the abstract land of “purpose” and discover the best application for your talents and focus.  The first step is identifying what you should spend your precious energy and attention on; the next step is delivering remarkable results.  Through a mix of stories, ideas, and applied tools, the audience will learn ways to identify their “Assignment” and build a plan for integration.

Building Partnership Across Differences

Our future likely depends on our ability to partner, collaborate and rely on others who have differing, and often competing, interests and beliefs.  Alexander Grashow has spent the last twenty years sitting in the middle of some of the toughest conversations, guiding them to resolution. Through these game-changing efforts, he has learned how to build relationships through dealing effectively with conflict. Zander shares these stories and tools for your organization or team to help you build partnerships in the midst of conflict. The good news: these tools can be internalized. The bad news: you are going to have to get out of your silo and put in some work.

Let’s Get Creative

Our team is filled with left-brain/right-brain thinkers. We’d love to create something totally new for you and your audience. Let’s design something together.

Read more about Zander’s work and philosophy.

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