Helene Gayle
CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, Former CEO of McKinsey Institute, Board Member of Coca Cola, Rockefeller Foundation, Brookings Institute, FSG, White House Fellows, Colgate

“For the first time in a long time, I gained the belief that I have the tangible tools to realize a fuller, more aligned, joyous life than I thought possible. Good Wolf faculty are masterful, supportive guides and thought partners who help you understand the strands and patterns of your life.”


Stephen Badger
Chairman, Mars Corporation 

“I now feel as if I have been given the ability to truly unfold my life purpose with greater clarity than I ever have before. If only all could be so lucky – especially those who feel called to step beyond their perceived limits into their capacity, and even perhaps into their destiny.”


Maria Eitel
President & CEO, Nike Foundation,
Founder & Chairwoman, Girl Effect 

“Making time for two days seems impossible or indulgent, but you will find just the opposite and gain more than years on your life as your inner compass, de-railers and talents powerfully emerge and take their rightful place in all parts of your life… My advice (and I have done it all), instead of spending years of therapy, executive coaching, retreats, workshops, help from well-meaning friends and colleagues, dedicate full attention to the transformation process. You won’t regret it!”


Daisy Auger Dominguez 
Speaker, Previous Senior Vice President, 
Talent Acquisition, Viacom

“To spend two days tapping into who you are and what you’re capable of being is a rare gift we don’t often afford ourselves.  The Good Wolf process expertly helps identify what’s deep beneath the surface and makes it explicit, enabling you to begin to harness the true power of your heart and mind. The exploration of how I express myself (not just with language), how I developed my voice, what I choose to say and do, how and where I spend my time and energy, and how all of this Is informed and shaped from an early age are some of the most fertile components to the discovery that is at the core of this program.  I am confident that where I go from here, and what I do, will be more joyful, intentional and aligned.”


Ellie Kanner
Film & TV Director, 
Former Casting Director of Sex and the City and Friends

“I’m a creative person and yet I was choosing projects that weren’t tapping into my creative talents. I was making choices from fear instead of love. I now make them for the right reasons; breaking patterns and changing limited beliefs gives me the confidence to live my life to the fullest. I now trust my intuition. I now have clarity. I finally have control over my life.”


David Levin
Previous CEO & President, McGraw Hill

"I found myself at a crossroads in my career, where it would have been easy to fall back into my established patterns and ways of working. The Good Wolf process enabled me to make sense of what my career has been to date, to become very clear on what I want for myself moving forward and how that integrates with my family and key relationships. And the process equipped me with a plan and tools to make that happen. The way I'm approaching the next chapter of my professional life is both more fulfilling and more aligned with what I can give to my work and passions. I understand how and where best to apply myself, how to play to my strengths, and to appreciate (and be able to use) all the resources I have at my disposal.”


Brenda Coughlin
Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker,
Activist, Program Director at Bertha Foundation,
Director of Producing and Impact Strategy at Sundance

"For those figuring out how to deploy themselves for what they care about most, the Good Wolf process is a true gift. It is smart. It is focused. It lingers. The faculty helped me develop a set of skills that combine different modes, talents, learnings, teaching and evidence. That is a powerful combination. Through creating decision-making criteria specific to my values, I have gained clarity, sharpened my direction, and grounded my feet in the work ahead of me.”


Randall Mays
Former CEO, Clear Channel Communications

“The process vastly exceeded anything I could have imagined. Zander created a space where I felt seen, heard and understood. My trust in him is absolute.” 


Bernadette Aulestia
President, Global Distribution at HBO

“It’s hard to put into words the transformational power of two days with the Good Wolf Group.  I came into the process seeking an alignment and grounding of my values and capacities but instead walked out with a life changing system by which to evaluate, make decisions and confront challenges in the realms of work, family and spirit.  What I learned was how intrinsically tied these all are and that continually balancing, evaluating and upgrading those is the most authentic and effective way to conceive the high achieving, operating in your sweet spot, breaking barriers we all seek.  I am incredibly grateful, still in awe and aim to honor this gift I have been given.”


Sam Branson
Founder of Big Change, Sun Dog Pictures, Strive

“I am grateful to have experienced some personal development in my life but none of them have been as profound as the work I did with Zander. The time we spent together has not only given me the framework for my place in the world but has given me the confidence in my passions, skills and potential. Zander helped me to connect to my truth and vulnerability. I now feel I have the tools to live a truly fulfilled life.”


Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe
Artist, DJ, Founder & CEO at IRIS

“This was a truly unique experience that has filled me with purpose and clarity that I couldn't have imagined before starting. Zander's ability to instinctively and intuitively read me as an individual mixed with his experience and the carefully designed formula was like nothing I have experienced. The two-day course surprised me most with the change I felt on a deeper level while seemingly only working on the surface. Zander has a natural talent to read the right areas to focus on and guide one through a complicated process at a pace the best suits your needs. Finally giving me the tools to take this learning and new outlook into the complicated arena of my daily life. I will forever be grateful for this experience and the fullness I now feel in each area of my life. Thank you, Zander and your incredible team at Good Wolf Group.” 


Isabella Calthorpe
Actress & Model

“The Life Plan process is a unique and precious gift. Zander has a deep level of understanding and a profound and sensitively conceived approach that guided me on a beautiful exploration of my life. The insights and revelations have given me a higher perspective and deeper rooted knowledge of myself that I know will be as life changing as it has been life affirming. I feel blessed to have had the time with him. My only wish is that everybody could experience this process.”


Carl Coward
Founder & Partner, Focus Capital Partners,
5-Time Martial Arts World Champion

“Zander has a unique way to motivate you and make you understand how to solve complex problems using simple steps. I have discovered an ability to unlock skills through the process that I didn’t think I had in me to fulfill self- actualization. It truly is one of the best things I have ever done.”


Oliver Guinness
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, MOTIV

"Can't see the forest for the trees. In work and in life I've searched - going to the top of mountains and deep down rabbit holes, experiencing moments of tremendous growth and long periods dedicated to specific lessons that even after years I couldn't seem to grasp.... The Good Wolf Process culminated with me sitting in a room with every inch of the walls surrounding me covered in data points about my life. While I would have thought this to be a daunting moment, in reality it felt completely peaceful. It was me. And for the first time in my life I knew I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing and it felt tremendous! My goal for the process was not 'to find happiness', but rather to be more present, find greater joy day to day, and in that joy be able to live a more content life. Zander's unwavering guidance, mastery of numerous tools and frameworks and spirited approach (and love of hip-hop) has helped me achieve that! I will be forever grateful to him.” 


Sean Haynes
Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lifecycle Construction Services

“Zander was recommended by several colleagues. I was apprehensive and somewhat reluctant to engage in the process, but the results greatly exceeded my wildest expectations. Zander helped me realize some of the very skills and attitudes that had created success for me in the past were now holding me back from reaching my true potential. As an entrepreneur, leader, father and husband, this was a transformative experience on all levels. I now hope to share this gift of working with Zander with my wife and several close friends, so they can also experience the amazing results.”


Margaret Haynes
Marketing Director, Rappahannock Development Group

“Personally, the Good Wolf Process gave me a quiet retreat from life to press pause, and open up my heart, in a safe, guided environment.  I learned how some of the simplest phrases and small experiences have had a huge impact on my personal narrative.  With that awareness, Zander gave me the tools to build a plan moving forward built on my strengths, values, and goals, rather than the routines that I had fallen into. I am now more sure every day that my time and energy is being spent on things that really matter.  I have much less mental turmoil about how to spend my time and energy.  In a sea of “good” causes, I am able to discern commitments that will support my life goals.”


Bridgit Lombard
Founder, One World Fund

“Having experienced years of coaching, therapy and a self improvement junkie, I can say hands down that this is the most meaningful and practical work I’ve ever done.  The Good Wolf team creates and sculpts such a beautiful space and experience that is specifically tailored to the individual.  This allowed us to work on many different levels and really look and feel the truth deeply. The 2 day immersion and ensuing process has given me great clarity of purpose, practical tools and a pathway to go out and contribute in the best way possible.  I am a better person, leader and member of our society. I am forever grateful.”


Bill Tarr
Co-Founder, Managing Director, MOTIV

"Trust in Zander's magic and he will take you on an epic transformational adventure to discover your best and truest self and how to cultivate your flow state.  I walked away with renewed clarity of: purpose, core values, superpowers, flow, and efficient and effective tools for filtering/navigating relationships, this increasingly dynamic and complex world/life and ultimately a path to create a holistic and integrated life worth living.  Post the Good Wolf Process, I'm starting to shine the light on and break through deeply held conscious and unconscious patterns/beliefs/habits that have been reinforced for 40 years. I am trusting and committing to the process and routines we designed together and having the courage and vulnerability to get the support I need along the way from an aligned inner circle of which Zander is an integral, ongoing part. The rest is taking care of itself as I feel noticeably more energized, happy, clear, fulfilled, present, compassionate and heart-driven as a father, husband, friend, brother, professional and human being every day."

Bernadette 12.13.43 AM.jpg

Nick Tedesco
Senior Philanthropic Advisor, J.P. Morgan Private Bank Philanthropy Centre

“I can say without hesitation that the Good Wolf Process is a transformational experience. It is an opportunity to reflect on life thus far in effort to inform a more healthy and productive path forward; it is a reflection and appreciation of ourselves as we continue to forge ahead in an often chaotic and critical world; it is an opportunity to cultivate the necessary framework and skills to make better decisions; and it is the practical visioning of a more fulfilling life.”


Anurima Bhargava
Founder and President, Anthem of Us

“I learned how to arrive and build with grounding and purpose in the social justice arena, and with a distinct and in-context appreciation of where to invest to catalyze change.  At a time when our battles are on constantly and unpredictably shifting planes, Good Wolf Group gave me the tools and the faith to march forward, boldly and with an understanding of the value of where and how I was standing.   Most of all, they saw me, and through their wise and incisive counsel, helped me to see myself.” 


Alec Karakatsanis
Founder & Executive Director, Civil Rights Corps

"Zander has been my trusted advisor and coach in one of the most critical moments of my career. Our work together has supported my professional efficacies as a leader and my personal ambitions as an activist. I have reached greater clarity and strategy both in the current challenges I face and building the foundation for a lifetime of this work.”


Kelly Davenport Nowlin
Principal, KDN Philanthropy Consulting

“Engaging in the Good Wolf Process was like no other experience I’ve ever had. What an immense privilege to be in a space so artfully facilitated that allows one to share their full story... warts and all. The space is safe and brave all at once and prompts deep self reflection, illuminates patterns and identifies your unique superpowers. This isn’t executive coaching, but rather a holistic deep dive exploration of our life’s journey; what has shaped who we are; and what “upgrades” we might need now to manifest our greatest leadership potential in service of the impact we seek to have in the world. The faculty honors your story and your moment to moment needs with grace, respect and generosity and has a gift in connecting threads, seeing possibility and helping one to design a pathway forward. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.”