What We Do

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Deep dive individual programs

Our deep dive programs are personal bootcamps for progress: six months with a masterful guide leading you through a private, clarifying process of alignment, action-planning and accountability.

The Life PlanDiscover how to curate your life through a comprehensive self discovery and application process

The Leadership Accelerator — Find your leadership voice, capacity and fortitude to mobilize and drive change

The Fast Track Transition — Determine and affirm your next steps, carrying forward the right lessons, habits and strategies for success

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We recognize there is an urgent need for widespread and targeted leadership capacity. We have spent the last 20 years practicing and learning from the best. We have distilled those hard won lessons into several workshops. Each will challenge and enrich you while providing you with a pragmatic understanding of how to create a future of greater contribution.


Strategic advising

Ambitious organizations and leaders can sometimes need a little help. Good Wolf Group serves as confidential counselors in critical times of leadership and change, helping to identify the right work ahead—and the strategy, pace and resources needed to get it done.