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Specific and Customized for Teams, Companies and Individuals

We recognize there is an urgent need for widespread and targeted leadership capacity. We have spent the last 20 years practicing and learning from the best; our workshops are built on these hard-won lessons. Each will challenge and enrich you while providing you with a pragmatic understanding of what else is possible, and how to get there.


Adaptive leadership

Internalize an evolutionary change framework for the challenges and opportunities to come

The capacity to adapt and evolve is critical for our teams, businesses, families and communities. Internalize the methods from the co-author of Adaptive Leadership to determine which parts of your history to carry forward, how to advance among competing priorities and what new capabilities to grow into. Deliberately evolve off the status quo to do more for what you care about most.


  • Master an adaptive change framework, including actionable tools and practices
  • Develop upgraded diagnostic and interpretive skills for understanding your work ahead and new points of leverage
  • Learn what actors you need to mobilize and how to prioritize among them
  • Clarify future action through direct application of workshop frameworks on your current challenges

The practice of Adaptive Leadership focuses on providing you with three critical capacities to help you become a more flexible and effective leader:

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MAKE change happen

Mobilize others off the status quo

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Regardless of ideology or affiliation, most people today seem to agree that the systems around us are limited or broken. The capacity to improve them is less common.

The art and practice of mobilizing systems requires both skilled diagnosis and strategic action. Changing organizations, teams, cultures, systems and societies requires heavy lifting. Through a combination of disciplines, skills and strategies you will clarify how to deliver change and uphold yourself in the process.


  • Create a specific map of stakeholders across your issue area to identify a mobilization strategy including priorities and sequencing
  • Design a tactical, overarching plan with short-, middle- and long-term points of focus
  • Internalize an organization- and community-change framework to identify the important and necessary work – and how not to waste energy climbing the wrong wall

grow your leadership

Align talents, passions and resources with personal and world needs

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We are all works in progress. Let’s grow into the next best version of ourselves so we can contribute more. It is time to critically examine how we show up in the world. Rather than fragmenting ourselves and leaving some parts behind, we can build stability and strength for what is to come.

This workshop focuses on the individual because we know that when each individual is thriving, the whole organization will in turn. We must be clear about our own capacity to contribute before we can deliver as a collective on our shared mission.  


  • Build comprehension of the unique tools and resources at your disposal
  • Identify and develop a plan for building complementary and dormant skillset “muscles”
  • Gain clarity on where to place your attention and resources
  • Affirm your passions and talents and re-energize with an understanding of all that is possible for you


Build trust, cohesion and momentum for your organization’s greatest impact

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It’s time to look inward. The quality of impact depends on the quality of internal teaming. Too often the bottleneck to success is a team’s own lack of alignment and historic silos.

In this workshop, we build aligned teams that have purpose and direction, shared language and tools to engage with one another, and demonstration examples for how new ways of working can produce improved results. With this grounding, organizations go on to bigger and better impact.


  • Build trust, cohesion, excitement and commitment among team members
  • Learn reproducible tools and shared language  to actively build culture and norms in the future
  • Identify what parts of the organizations to push to efficiency, which to upgrade and where to build new practices
  • Identify skill gaps and form a skill-development strategy
  • Engage in courageous, and possibly much needed, conversations

massive peer problem-solving

Generate norms of peer problem-solving and harnessing collective wisdom

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Graduate from a norm of figuring it all out on your own. This workshop addresses diagnosing and solving problems, active listening and effective communication—all capacities important for organizations constantly weighing decisions and priorities. Though we face challenges that may feel uniquely our own, we are all surrounded by collective wisdom, complementary experiences and catalytic inspiration.

Through working in small peer groups guided by a specific peer consulting methodology, you will get outside of your internal dialogue, gain clarity on the issues you are facing and access the gifts of collective wisdom within your organization.


  • Learn a specific methodology for diagnosing and solving problems that can be used routinely in your organization – and in the other realms of your life
  • Get assertive, pragmatic help and wisdom on your current challenges
  • Build team, organizational and communal norms of peer support and problem-solving
  • Build the necessary habit of asking for and receiving support for yourself

Our Methodology



Our workshops are responsive to participant needs. A core component of our work is a “case-in-point” group dynamics methodology. We use the dynamics of the participant group to illustrate the areas for progress and the learning goals of the particular workshop (i.e. the micro reflects the macro—what is happening in the room is the case-in-point.) This demonstrates the lessons effectively, safely and unavoidably. Individuals’ defaults or biases are surfaced during the process—essential awareness for personal change work.


Direct Application

In all of Good Wolf Group’s workshops and facilitations, we incorporate direct application. Participants do not learn tools and frameworks in a vacuum; rather they immediately apply the concepts on their current challenges. This way, the lessons become relevant, practical and meaningful. At minimum, participants leave with new understanding and strategies to immediately tackle what is in front of them.

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Customized Workshops

We would love to build a custom workshop or retreat for your organization. Contact us to learn more about partnering!

Contact us to learn about bringing our faculty to your team, organization or next conference. We are happy to answer any questions about how our workshops will leave participants with both an upgraded capacity and a bolstered commitment to create a better future.

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